Champagne Tastes is a pescetarian (vegetarian and seafood) food blog.  If you love seafood, and are trying to learn more about how to shop for it and cook it at home– this is the seafood blog for you!

I created Champagne Tastes to be a free resource for those trying to eat a more healthful and seasonal pescetarian (or pesco-vegetarian) diet.

On my site, you’ll find a recipe index with recipes organized by meal (breakfast, dinnertime, sweets, and drinks).  Click on the meal type in the website menu to see all the available recipes, or follow the dropdown menus to see just vegan, vegetarian, or seafood options.  You’ll also find a resources index, with extra cooking resources (like urban gardening tutorials, ‘glamping’ recipes, and cooking lessons) and food advice.

The recipes are inspired by my travels, as well as by my home in Central Appalachia.  At Champagne Tastes, you’ll find flavorful recipes that are simple to make, affordable, and made from real ingredients.

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Behind the Scenes

My name is Sarah, and I’m the recipe developer, writer, and photographer here at Champagne Tastes.  The fabulously photogenic hands you’ll see in a lot of my images belong to the husband– my taste-tester and life partner.  Together we go on food adventures– driving the Bourbon Trail, visiting Julia Child’s kitchen in the Smithsonian, happily devouring tiramisu in Italy, ‘glamping’ across America, and who knows what’s next!

Thanks for following along!

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Sharing recipes or images

All recipes and photos at Champagne Tastes are copyrighted.  Want to share a recipe or image? Here’s my sharing policy:

  1. You may share ONE image, as long as it is linked back with credit to Champagne Tastes
  2. If you are referencing the original recipe, you may share the ingredients list but not the full recipe, as long as you give credit back to the original post.
  3. You may NOT republish an entire recipe in full
  4. If you adapt a recipe from one of mine, please link back with credit to my recipe.
  5. Please do not ‘chronically’ use adaptations of my recipes

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More Legal-eze

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