This vegan Vanilla French Press Coffee is flavored with vanilla extract, is ready in minutes, and includes a step-by-step tutorial on How to Make French Press Coffee.

Vanilla French Press Coffee

This vegan Vanilla French Press Coffee is flavored with vanilla extract, is ready in minutes, and includes a step-by-step tutorial on How to Make French Press Coffee.

Vanilla French Press Coffee

This vegan Vanilla French Press Coffee is flavored with vanilla extract, is ready in minutes, and includes a step-by-step tutorial on How to Make French Press Coffee.

There are precious few moments in life when taking the lazy option leads to perfection– but French press coffee is laziness at its finest.  There are no filters to buy or change, no buttons to push, and no cords to plug in, and yet the coffee is, almost without fail, flavorful, rich, and delicious.

If you’ve gazed curiously at these inexpenive contraptions, but didn’t buy one because you weren’t sure how to use them– this post is for you.  If you DID buy a French press, but it’s been sitting, unused and lonely, in the back of a cabinet– this post is for you.  If you use your French press regularly, and want to shake things up with some flavored coffee concoctions– keep reading, because this recipe for Vanilla French Press Coffee will give you a lightly flavored, rich coffee that’s ready in minutes!

This vegan Vanilla French Press Coffee is flavored with vanilla extract, is ready in minutes, and includes a step-by-step tutorial on How to Make French Press Coffee.

Vanilla French Press Coffee

How to Make French Press Coffee (with Troubleshooting)

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Kentucky Bourbon Coffee

Basically, brewing French press coffee involves just a few steps– First, boil water, then let it cool for one minute.  Next, pour the hot water into your press over coarsely ground coffee, leaving the plunger up.  Then, set a timer for 4 minutes, and once the timer dings– press down the plunger.  Finally, drink your coffee.  That’s it folks– it’s simple!!!  There are a few places, however, when things can go wrong, but they’re incredibly easy to avoid!

Problem one: Scorched coffee grounds.  Make sure you let the water cool down for one minute.  (You can also use a thermometer to check and see when the water has reached 195ºF.  Full disclosure– I never check it with a thermometer.  But you can, if you want to).  Using boiling water directly on your coffee grounds can scorch them and give them a burnt flavor.

Problem two: Fine coffee grounds leak through the filter.   Open up your French press, and look at the size of the filter holes.  They’re small, but not microscopic.  For the best results, use a coarsely ground coffee.  I have, with decent results, used pre-ground coffee from a bag, but coarsely ground is the best option.  Whatever you do, avoid using ‘espresso ground’ or very finely ground beans, because they’ll slip right through your filter.

Problem three: Bitter coffee.  There’s a reason you set a timer for four minutes when you pour in the hot water– that’s how long you want the coffee to brew.  Once you push down the plunger, the brewing process DOES NOT STOP.  You need to get the brewed coffee away from the grounds after you plunge down the filter.  Either serve your coffee immediately, or use a thermal carafe.

Making Vanilla French Press Coffee

Once you’ve figured out the ins and outs of your French press, you can start playing around with your coffee techniques.  Try grinding your own beans, see if you prefer dark or light roasted beans, and, of course– add flavoring.  For Vanilla French Press Coffee– simply add a little vanilla extract in with the coffee grounds, and then proceed as usual.

Do you use a French press?  Let me know in the comments!

Before I say goodbye for the day– here’s a big “THANK YOU!” to my momma for letting me run off with her favorite pretty (and extra photogenic) French press pot set.  Isn’t it adorable!?!  Thanks mom!  

This vegan Vanilla French Press Coffee is flavored with vanilla extract, is ready in minutes, and includes a step-by-step tutorial on How to Make French Press Coffee.

Vanilla French Press Coffee

French Press Tutorial

  1. For the best tasting coffee, use coarsely ground beans.  DO NOT use finely ground coffee, as it will slip through the mesh sieve on the press.
  2. Use approximately 2 tablespoons of coffee per 8 ounces of water.
  3. Don’t scorch your coffee beans.  Technically, the water should be at 195ºF, slightly less than boiling (212ºF).  If you don’t want to use a thermometer, just bring the water to a boil, and then let it sit off heat for one minute.
  4. Let the coffee brew for four minutes, and then lower the press’ plunger.
  5. Either drink the coffee immediately, or pour coffee into a thermal carafe.  Allowing the coffee to sit in the press with the coffee grounds can make your drink bitter.


This vegan Vanilla French Press Coffee is flavored with vanilla extract, is ready in minutes, and includes a step-by-step tutorial on How to Make French Press Coffee.
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Vanilla French Press Coffee

Makes 16oz coffee (2 cups)

Course Drinks
Cuisine French
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 people
Calories 7 kcal
Author Champagne Tastes


  • 1/4 cup (4 TB) coarsely ground coffee beans
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • To Serve (optional): milk, creamer, or milk substitute

Equipment Required:

  • French Press


  1. Bring water to a boil, and then let it sit for 1 minute off-heat.

  2. Add coffee grounds to French press, add vanilla extract, and then hot water.  Add French press lid, but don't lower the plunger.  Let sit 4 minutes.  Lower plunger.

  3. Serve coffee immediately, with milk if desired.  If not serving coffee immediately, pour coffee into a separate container or thermal carafe to prevent it from getting bitter while sitting with the grounds.

Recipe Notes

*Calorie Information was calculated per serving using My Fitness Pal.

The information for the French Press Tutorial was gathered from my own experience, as well as online tutorials from The Kitchn and Epicurious.

47 thoughts on “Vanilla French Press Coffee

  1. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says:

    We have a French Press but don’t regularly use. I’ve been drinking tea a little more lately, but this makes me want to take it out again and try this recipe. Love the vanilla in there! Great tips too, by the way. P.S. Will you be returning the French Press set to your mom? It is really cute 😉

    • champagne-tastes says:

      Enjoy! I’ve heard you can use the French press to make a big batch of loose leaf tea too. I haven’t tried that yet! And yes, I brought it back to my mom all in one piece 😀 hehe

  2. Diana says:

    I really need a cup of this right now! I’m working on a uni assignment that is due tomorrow and I’m falling asleep. Adding vanilla sounds amazing!

  3. Willow | Will Cook For Friends says:

    I wish I’d read this back when I first started admiring french presses years ago! It took me ages to get one, but once I did and I got the hang of it, I loved it. They really are so easy to use, and I love that there aren’t any paper filters or disposable things to mess with. I’ve never tried adding vanilla to the coffee grounds, though — I’m going to have to try that in tomorrow’s brew!

  4. Shelley says:

    Great details! Mine is lonely and neglected in the back of the pantry. These tips will help me be better about getting to it! I bet it would be good with the vanilla bean paste I can’t get at the store here any more 🙁

    • champagne-tastes says:

      Aw man- it would be amazing with that paste I’m sure! You could also use a whole bean, as long as you didn’t mind digging the bean out of the grounds to use again on the next day’s cup 🙂

  5. Meg | Meg is Well says:

    I love French Presses for all the reasons you listed (I HATE coffee filters)-it keeps all those wonderful oils too, which I love. I also use my French Press to froth my milk for lattes. It takes some arm strength, but it actually still creates the best results if you still don’t have an espresso machine (yes, I live in the dark ages). I’ve never tried adding flavoring directly to the coffee beans though, which I’ll be trying soon now!

  6. Elaine @ Dishes Delish says:

    Man, oh man, I had to read this post because I never know if I’m ‘French Pressing’ right. And the only thing I’ve done wrong is not let the water sit for a minute before pouring. I can’t wait to try this tomorrow. I got the 4 minute wait time before plunging right, but I’ll see if the minute wait does the trick!

  7. Lizzie says:

    Love the vanilla idea! We call a French press a cafetiere. I didn’t know it keeps brewing after being plunged, great tip! I make it one day then stick it in the fridge for the next few days.

  8. Stephanie@ApplesforCJ says:

    We used to have a french press, well at least my husband got one. Don’t know if we still have it or if he actually used it. This vanilla coffee sounds good since I love flavored coffee. Going have to look and see if we still have it 🙂

  9. Byron Thomas says:

    I absolutely love the idea of owning a coffee press, but to be completely honest, they intimidate the heck out of me – at least until now. I’m not sure if it’s the fancier side of me that wants one of these, or if it’s the fact that I like to own pretty things. 🙂 Either way, you’ve helped to rid me of my fears of a coffee press, and I think I’ll purchase one – even if it’s just to use when I have guests. Thanks!

  10. Mark, CompassandFork says:

    I love my French Press and it is my favorite way to prepare coffee at home. I also take a small one with me when I travel. OK I am a coffee snob! I prefer the French Press as they don’t “burn” your coffee like those pots do when they sit too long on a hotplate. Aaagh! These are great hints by the way on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, but I have one to add.

    I also like to “scold” the French Press with about an inch of hot water, give it a swill and then throw away that water before I add the coffee. This “conditions” the French Press so that the flavors open up immediately you tip the coffee in and before the near-boiling hot water in.

  11. Silvia @ Garden in the Kitchen says:

    Yes, you Mom’s set is adorable! So I bought a french press after using it at someone else’s house but I have always been curious as to whether I am using it correct, cuz the coffee does’t taste 100%. It turns out I was leaving it for way too long! From now on, I will be timing that 4 mins down to the second 🙂

  12. Anne Murphy says:

    What a good idea!

    I started using a French press last summer, actually (and I did use it first for cold brew…) and we like it. (And I like the counter space I reclaimed from the coffee machine…)

    I’ve never put vanilla in it, though. So easy! I like flavored coffee, but he doesn’t, and if I buy the commercial varieties they go stale before I can finish them… But if I do it myself, I can just set it up when I’m in the mood for it. Perfect!

  13. Jessica (Swanky Recipes) says:

    I grew up with parents that always used a French press for coffee. Since living on my own, I’ve resorted to using the basic coffee maker everyone has seen. I’d love to get back to using a French press and might just have to put it on the list for my birthday!

  14. Heather says:

    I’ve never used a french press, but always wondered how these work and if there is a special technique! I’m going to have to buy one now, because I really want to try this recipe! Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

  15. Julie | Bunsen Burner Bakery says:

    I will fully admit to being coffee ignorant – neither my husband nor I drink coffee. Caffeine is one of my migraine triggers – I don’t know what his reasoning is, ha. But I see you started the post by referencing that this is vegan vanilla french press coffee. What is usually in french press coffee that isn’t vegan? I always assumed it was coffee + water – is milk a standard addition for a french press?

    • champagne-tastes says:

      Nope the coffee by itself should be vegan (as far as I know!)! I’ve got several vegan readers though, and I like to make it extra obvious for them which recipes are vegan (especially since about 2/3 aren’t). That’s all 😀

  16. Renz says:

    I get problem 2 a lot. Thanks for the solution. Using a french press makes the coffee taste soooo much better. I couldn’t believe it. I like how you add the flavor to the coffee beans. I will try that too.

  17. Kylee from Kylee Cooks says:

    I LOVE french press coffee – we actually have several. It looks totally fancy when I pull it out when we are camping, but the truth is, they’re super practical for that use! You take it up a notch with the vanilla. I bet I could totally get away with that!

    • champagne-tastes says:

      I’m too scared of breaking the glass in transit to take it camping! But you’re right- that would be an awesome way to make coffee when camping! We used a metal percolator.. but we actually just took all the guts out of it and used it as a hot water kettle for tea! haha

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