Readers' Choice- 2016 Favorite Recipes from Champagne Tastes

2016 Favorite Recipes

Today – a quick collection of the top 10 reader’s favorites from Champagne Tastes in 2016!

December is winding up, and with it– 2016.  It was a big year for my little blog– it had its one year anniversary back in September, and has kept my tiny apartment, myself, and the husband filled with yummy food.  Hopefully it filled your home with delicious drinks, meals, and treats too!  Whether you’re just stopping by for the first time, or have been reading along the whole way– I just wanted to say thanks!  If no one was reading, it would just be me, sitting here, talking to my cat.  (Not that cat chats are unusual for me, but still– company is nice!)  Today, instead of a new recipe, I have a few of your favorite recipes from 2016, all bundled up and wrapped in a bow.  Enjoy!

2016 Favorite Recipes

6 thoughts on “2016 Favorite Recipes

  1. Meg | Meg is Well says:

    The Salted French Hot Chocolate and Pumpkin Eggnog always make me drool. And I really want to try the overnight grits-I missed that post because I would have been all over that! Happy New Year’s and congrats on doing such an amazing job!

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