Vegetarian Applesauce & Blueberry Crepes - For a delicious, sweet yet healthy treat, or a decadent breakfast

Applesauce and Blueberry Crêpes

Vegetarian Applesauce & Blueberry Crêpes - For a delicious, sweet yet healthy treat, or a decadent breakfast

Applesauce Crepes with Blueberries

These Applesauce & Blueberry Crêpes are stuffed with homemade applesauce spiced with cardamom, and topped with warm, delicious blueberries that have been heated until they burst.

Can I tell you something shocking?  Here it is– Up until recently, I’d forgotten about crêpes.  I hadn’t forgotten they existed, of course, but it had been a couple years since I gleefully devoured a French crêpe.  And, let me just tell you, I love, love, love crêpes.  I love them so much, that I briefly considered making a mille-crêpe cake for my wedding.  Even so, I’d forgotten about my love for these über-thin French pancakes.  Recently, however, while on our epic, cross-country expedition, the husband and I stopped at Michael’s Corner, a French creperie in Durango, Colorado.  While I dug into the creperie’s ridiculously fabulous food, I cried, “We have to move here so I can eat these every day!”  Next, I decided that even if we did move to Durango for the crêpes, I probably couldn’t afford to eat out EVERY day.  When I got home, I dusted off my crêpe pan, and started cooking.

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Vegetarian Applesauce & Blueberry Crepes - For a delicious, sweet yet healthy treat, or a decadent breakfast

Applesauce & Blueberry Crepes

Gathering ingredients

These Applesauce & Blueberry Crêpes are incredibly easy to make.  I’m not sure if you’ll want to make them for breakfast or dessert, but they’re so easy that they could even be an afternoon snack.  Start by making a stack of French Crêpes.  These can be made ahead of time, so if you’re making these applesauce filled yummies for breakfast, you can sleep in!  You’ll also need about 1 cup of Homemade Applesauce with Cardamom.  This can also be made ahead of time.  If you’re making the day of, however, feel free to cut my applesauce recipe in half, which should also cut the cook-time down to 10-15 minutes.  For this recipe, feel free to leave the applesauce on the chunkier side, which will also cut down on your cook-time.  You can use the applesauce warm or cold– it’s totally up to you.

Making Applesauce & Blueberry Crêpes

While you’re cooking the crêpes (or while you’re warming up the crêpes you made the night before), make blueberry syrup.  Pour the blueberries into a small non-stick pan and cover.  Heat on medium-low until the berries begin to burst and form a syrup.  Turn off the heat.  If you’re short on time, you can crank the heat up to medium, but be careful not to burn the berries.

Once you’ve got warm crêpes, some homemade applesauce, and blueberry syrup, all that’s left is to put it all together!  Spoon applesauce onto the edge of a crêpe, and roll it up.  Place it, seam-down, on a plate.  Pour the blueberries over the crêpe.  If you’re feeling extra crazy, add some whipped cream or powdered sugar.  Serve these blueberry crêpes right away.  Warning– you, like me, may become a little crêpe-crazed, and decide that you need these for breakfast AND dessert.  You might even start wearing a French beret, and adding random French words, like ‘mille-crêpe’ into your vocabulary.  Embrace the crêpes anyway, and bon appétit!

Vegetarian Applesauce & Blueberry Crepes - For a delicious, sweet yet healthy treat, or a decadent breakfast
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Applesauce & Blueberry Crêpes

Yield: Makes 8 stuffed crêpes
Course Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine French
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 4 people
Calories 116 kcal
Author Champagne Tastes


  • 8 French Crêpes (see recipe notes)
  • 1 cup Homemade Applesauce with Cardamom (see recipe notes)
  • 1 quart fresh blueberries
  • •Optional to serve: whipped cream, powdered sugar


  1. Pour blueberries into a small non-stick pan, cover, and turn heat to medium-low. Heat until berries burst and turn off heat.

  2. If crêpes need warmed up, heat one at a time on a non-stick pan.

  3. One crêpe at a time, place about 1/8 cup (about 2 spoonfuls) applesauce on the end of a crêpe, and then roll it together. Set on a plate seam-down. Repeat until all the crêpes are filled.

  4. Top with blueberry sauce. Optionally, add whipped cream or powdered sugar.

Recipe Notes

Follow link for basic French Crêpes recipe.

Follow link for Homemade Applesauce with Cardamom recipe.

*Calorie Information was calculated per serving using My Fitness Pal.  Calorie calculations assume the French Crêpe recipe from this website was used to make one 10" crêpe, and do not include optional toppings.



21 thoughts on “Applesauce and Blueberry Crêpes

  1. Anne Murphy says:

    I haven’t made crepes for ages! I was making them a lot for a job (long story) a few years back, so avoided them the rest of the time – but there’s no reason not to have them now!

    And I have to try cardamom instead of my usual cinnamon in my next batch of applesauce.

  2. Amanda Mason says:

    I’ve always been so intimidated to make homemade crepes…but you say they are simple so I’ll give them a go! Excited to try this!

    • champagne-tastes says:

      Oh they’re super easy! I think they’re easier than regular pancakes, because there’s less waiting on the batter to finish cooking. Let me know if you try it!!

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