Try the World Review - Pantry

Try the World Review- Pantry

Interested in having gourmet ingredients from countries around the world delivered straight to your door?  Try the World’s Pantry service keeps your cabinets stocked all year long!  I recently tried three months of the service, and here’s what I thought!  Please Note: Try the World sent me their boxes in exchange for my honest Try the World Review.

My name is Sarah, and I have a problem.  I’m addicted to the gourmet food aisle.  That’s right– I can’t stop.  Fancy salt?  Sold.  Spices I’ve never heard of?  I’ll take them!  Infused oil?  Unusual pastas?  Olive oil from Timbuktu?  Mine, mine, and mine.  That said, it’s probably no surprise that I was thrilled, THRILLED, when I heard that Try the World was starting a ‘Pantry’ service.

Try the World, my favorite gourmet grocery delivery service, won my heart last year with their country-specific ‘signature’ food boxes.  Their new Pantry service is designed to stock your pantry with high-quality, gourmet specialty foods.  I recently tried a three month subscription to Pantry– here’s what I got, what I did with it, and what I thought about it.

How Pantry Works

Pantry is slightly different from the other food box services Try the World offers, because it gives you options.  (Yay!  I love options!)  When you sign up to get Pantry, you fill out a ‘food preference’ page, and tell them which types of items you want most often, which you want occasionally, and which you never want to receive.  My ‘top picks’ included olive oils, vinegars, gourmet salts, spices, and coffee.  I told them I wanted chocolate, condiments (like mustard), and grains (such as pasta and rice) occasionally,  and that I’d rather not get any candy or jams for now.  Then I waited for my boxes to start arriving.

Pantry – Month One

Try the World Review - Pantry

Try the World Review – Pantry Month 1

When month one’s box arrived I had no clue what to expect.  I opened it, and found blackberry balsamic vinegar from Italy, jasberry rice from Thailand, soba noodles from Japan, olive oil from Israel, and smoked hot paprika from Spain.  There was also a card explaining what each item was, where it was from, and some suggestions for how to use it.  The balsamic was rich and thick, and I drizzled it over grapes with olive oil and roasted them.  Then, I poured those juicy sweet grapes on oatmeal, and dug in!  Later, I even poured it over some vanilla ice cream– without having to boil the vinegar down into a syrup.  Yes, it was THAT thick!  The smoked paprika was INCREDIBLE.  No joke, it released a smoked paprika monster deep down inside me, and I’ve been putting it on everything.  Well, mostly on fish.  It’s incredible on salmon.  The olive oil is delicious in salad dressing, and the soba noodles and rice are still stocking my pantry, waiting to be devoured.

Pantry – Month Two

Try the World Review - Pantry

Try the World Review – Pantry Month 2

Month two’s box included whole dried lemongrass from Thailand, boxed truffle mac and cheese from Italy, olive oil from Spain, rosemary and thyme mustard from Sweden, and couscous from Morocco.  The day I opened the box, I decided, “This boxed mac and cheese will be dinner!”  And you know what?  It was delicious!  I am, on occasion, a fan of boxed mac and cheese (even though I know the real thing is NOT hard to make!)  I added some spinach to this pre-prepped pasta meal, and happily enjoyed my easy dinner.  Along with the mac and cheese, I had a side of roasted asparagus drizzled with balsamic vinegar (from last month’s box!).  I used the couscous a few weeks later, topping it off with fresh veggies, some of the balsamic, and a little olive oil.  I used some of the mustard in a yogurt sauce that I poured over seared fish.  This month’s Spanish olive oil is still waiting patiently in a cabinet, along with the lemongrass.

Pantry – Month Three

Try the World Review - Pantry

Try the World Review – Pantry Month 3

Finally, month three’s box came with chimipeixe spice mix for fish from Brazil, spicy salt from France, olive oil with rosemary from Greece, chitarrine egg pasta from Italy, and organic chia seeds from Peru.  I sprinkled the fish spice on some flounder, seared it, and enjoyed a delicious dinner.  I soaked the chia seeds in milk, and then blended them with cranberries, strawberries, and sorghum syrup to make chia pudding.  The spicy French salt got sprinkled over hot cocoa, and I’m saving the pasta and olive oil for my next “Italy Night.”

Pantry Review

What did I think?  Overall, I thought it was fantastic!  I wasn’t sure if I would get exactly what I selected on the preference page, but I liked that I was able to give Try the World a general idea about what I wanted and didn’t want.  I ended up getting most (but not all) of my ‘favorite’ items from the preference page, and never got anything I told them I didn’t want.

A few things I got were totally unfamiliar (I’m looking at you, jasberry rice!), and others were foods that I regularly stock in my pantry (like the couscous).  Throughout my three month subscription, Pantry… well, it stocked my pantry!  And that, friends, is always a good thing.

*A Note on Cost: I didn’t list the box prices because Try the World offers so many different subscription options and changing promotions that it would be simpler to just look at their site for more information. 

12 thoughts on “Try the World Review- Pantry

    • champagne-tastes says:

      lololol.. MEEEEE too. I just can’t help myself and it’s a problem! (And yes, the suggestions are SO helpful!)

  1. Monica says:

    I love try the world! I’ve found some amazing flavors that I love. I just wish I could order individual items from them and not have to get the boxed set but it is fun to explore, isn’t it?

  2. Lisa | Garlic & Zest says:

    This looks like a fantastic monthly treat! Do they need other bloggers??? I’m available to write posts in exchange for fab food finds! Love this — and that blackberry balsamic vinegar — yeah, that sounds like me!

  3. Mark, CompassandFork says:

    Try the World pantry is a fabulous way of introducing people to the wonders of food from different cultures. It is a great idea to try before you fly to a new holiday destination. We always consider what food we can expect before we book any trip. As well, it is a great way, to expand your culinary adventures at home.

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