Vegan + Vegetarian Recipes to Feed a Cold

Recipes to ‘Feed a Cold’

Vegan + Vegetarian Recipes to Feed a Cold

Recipes to Feed a Cold

This cold and flu season, keep yourself hydrated and fortified with these vegan and vegetarian Recipes to ‘Feed a Cold.’

Have you stayed healthy this winter?  I sincerely hope so.  However, after seeing news stories about ‘epidemic flu levels,’ after looking unsuccessfully in store after store for generic Mucinex and finding that EVERY SINGLE STORE was sold out, and after spending several days looking suspiciously at each person who coughed in my general direction–  I’m fairly sure that I’ve been exposed to some epic germs.

If you, like me, caught one (or one million) of those germs, these Recipes to ‘Feed a Cold’ will help soothe your throat, fill you with nourishment, and ease your way back onto the road to health.  Both the drinks and foods listed are filled with healthy ingredients like onions, ginger, turmeric, and garlic.  Some of these recipes aim to boost your immune system (like this green smoothie or this elderflower-turmeric tea), and others to calm an angry throat (like this hot toddy).  Some of these recipes are here to help clear your sinuses (like this onion and garlic ‘get well soup’ and this spicy noodle soup), and others will help fill you with wholesome ingredients as you heal.

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