20 Soups from Scratch!

20 Soups from Scratch

20 Soups from Scratch! champagne-tastes.com

20 Soups from Scratch!

Stay warm this winter with these 20 Soups from Scratch!  These soups will keep your taste buds satisfied and your dinner fantastic all winter long.

The signs are all here– the air is frosty, my cat is covered in a layer of winter fat, and I’ve been piling on layer after layer after layer before walking out the door each morning.  That’s right– it’s soup weather!  It’s time to stock up on broth, sauté celery and carrots, and toss whatever other wonderfulness you have within arm’s reach into your giant soup pot.  Gather up loaves of crusty bread, make a stack of your biggest and best soup bowls, and start cooking!  If you, like me, are ready to eat soup all day long– check out these 20 vegan and vegetarian Soups from Scratch!

Vegan Soups

Vegetarian Soups

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