Try the World - Michelin Curated Specialty Box

Try the World Review – Michelin Curated Box

Interested in having gourmet ingredients from countries around the world delivered straight to your door?  Try the World does just that, and right now they’re featuring their special Michelin Curated Box!  Please Note: Try the World sent me their Michelin box in exchange for my honest Try the World Review.

Do you ever wander around the international section of your local grocery store in confusion?  Does it throw you when the labels aren’t in English?  Do you see 15 different kinds of pesto, and don’t know which is best?  Have you ever tried asking someone for help choosing the right curry spices, only to receive a blank, confused stare?  If you find yourself peeking around the aisles, hoping to find someone who radiates ‘food confidence,’ or asking ten employees in a row before shrugging, grabbing food at random, and hoping for the best– you aren’t alone!   Picking out unfamiliar, deliciously tantalizing international food can be exciting– but it can also be confusing.  I was ecstatic, therefore, when I came home and found Try the World’s new specialty Michelin Curated Box on my doorstep, because they’d done all the research for me!


Try the World is an international food delivery service– here to save you from your culinary distress!  They send out subscription boxes with food from different countries, and are most well known for their mint ‘Signature Box.’  The Signature Box is country-specific (like last month’s Italy box), and comes with 7-8 gourmet-quality food items.  They also offer a less expensive, non-country-specific snack box, and an online store so that you can restock the food you tried and loved.

Try the World Review- Michelin Curated Specialty Box

Try the World – Michelin Curated Specialty Box

Sometimes, however, Try the World offers a specialty box.  This special edition of the Try the World line is completely curated by Michelin– the food-curating, gourmet-loving company that keeps chefs all over the world scrambling for excellence.  This box of winter-friendly goodies includes eight high-quality, delicious treats from all over the world.  Just like with their regular signature boxes, this box can either be part of a monthly subscription (and the more months you pay for at once, the cheaper the boxes are), or individually with no recurring fee.*

Try the World Review- Michelin Curated Specialty Box

Mexican Hot Chocolate with South African Toffee Syrup + Canadian Maple Shortbread Cookies

Inside the Michelin Curated Specialty Box

I wasn’t sure what to expect inside my specialty box (other than… you know… specialness).  Instead of gourmet goodies from ONE country– there were delicious tasty treats from EIGHT countries!  The box included Canadian Maple shortbread cookies, Mexican hot chocolate disks, South African salted toffee, Italian truffle sauce, French spice cake mix, Taiwan pineapple cakes, British lemon curd, and Israeli date spread.

Try the World Review- Michelin Curated Specialty Box

Mexican Hot Chocolate with South African Toffee Syrup + Canadian Maple Shortbread Cookies

Cooking with ‘Try the World’

As I dug through my box of gourmet goodies, I thought– ‘First things first– let’s have chocolate!’  (I always have my priorities in line, ya see?)  The Mexican hot chocolate disks were interesting– instead of a powder, they looked like cookies!  (And yes, I took a bite.  Yum.)  To make hot cocoa, you simply melted them in hot milk.  As I was heating the chocolate, I melted down a few of the toffee candies into a syrup.  Then, I frothed some more milk (because I like my hot cocoa to be fancy), and mixed the hot chocolate with the frothed milk.  Finally, the toffee syrup topped off the cocoa, and I had a delicious, rich, chocolate-toffee mug of wonderfulness.  (By the way, those maple shortbread cookies are excellent on their own, but dipped in the hot cocoa they turn into little magical pieces of happiness).

Try the World Review- Michelin Curated Specialty Box

French Spice Cakes

Do you remember how I gushed over the truffle zest in the Italy box?  I was just as giddy this time to see truffle sauce in my box.  I already talked about the Great Truffle Oil Tragedy last time– but just in case you missed it– be aware that even the most delicious truffle OIL is fake.  As in, there’s no truffle in it– it’s artificially flavored.  Both truffle products that I’ve received from Try the World, however, have contained actual truffle, and have been delicious!  I folded the truffle sauce into some Fettuccini Alfredo right before serving, grabbed a glass of chianti, and then pretended that I was eating it in Italy.

Try the World Review- Michelin Curated Specialty Box

Fettuccine Alfredo with Spinach + Truffle Sauce

I also baked the spice cakes, and ate them with some date spread.  The date spread has also been delicious on my (incredibly fun to pronounce) pumpernickel bread toast in the mornings.  (Although, you have to be careful when making pumpernickel bread any more fantastic than it naturally is.  It gets a big head).  The husband quickly devoured the fluffy mini pineapple cakes, and the lemon curd is still sitting in its jar looking pretty.  (I’ll use you soon, lemon curd!  I promise!)  Have you ordered from Try the World?  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments!

*A Note on Cost: I didn’t list the box prices because Try the World offers so many different subscription options and changing promotions that it would be simpler to just look at their site for more information.  As for whether or not it’s worth the cost– I actually tried to price compare before ordering a box (one that I paid for– not the one they sent me for this review).  I found that the items were hard to find, and that when I DID find an item, I’d have to pay for shipping.  So– I don’t know if you’re paying more per item, because I couldn’t find most of the items.  Also, since I don’t live near a well-stocked international grocery store (the closest is a couple hours away), Try the Word was a nice alternative.  

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    • champagne-tastes says:

      It’s the zest or sauce or real truffle that you want! Lol- you can get the zest in their shop right now if you don’t want a whole box 🙂

  1. Jolina says:

    I love subscription boxes like this. And this one is particularly awesome! It’s like traveling the world through food it’s great. Mexican hot chocolate sounds good right about now. And Italian truffle sauce? So luxurious! I would go straight for that lemon curd though teehee 🙂

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