I tried Bright Cellars new Monthly Cheese Club, and here's what I thought!

Bright Cellars Review – Monthly Cheese Club

If gourmet cheese delivered straight to your door sounds like a dream come true, dream no more!  Bright Cellars Monthly Cheese Club sends you four cheeses a month, custom picked for you!  I tried it for a month, and here’s what I thought.  Note: Bright Cellars sent me their cheeses in exchange for my honest review.

Calling all cheese lovers!  Listen up!  There’s a new cheese delivery service in town, and I’m kind of excited about it.  Here’s why– I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how many times I’ve stared in confusion at the bazillions of cheese options in the grocery store.  It’s the worst when stores have cooler after cooler of cheeses with exotic-sounding names from far-off locations, but the confusion also happens in smaller stores.  As much as I want to be an expert on all things cheese, the selections can be overwhelming.  Bright Cellars is here to help.

(If you read “Cheese Club,” and are already sold, go ahead and take the CHEESE TASTE QUIZ!)

Keep reading– Bright Cellars also sent me a coupon for you!

I tried Bright Cellars new Monthly Cheese Club, and here's what I thought!

Bright Cellars Review – Monthly Cheese Club

How Bright Cellars Works

Bright Cellars is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and ships out Wisconsin-based cheeses from the cheese-loving “world dairy headquarters.”

Before you sign up with Bright Cellars, you take a ‘taste quiz.’  Basically, they ask seven questions about food, some of which I just could NOT answer correctly.  No– I can’t just “choose” between espresso, cappuccino, and hot tea for my favorite hot drink!  It’s impossible.  (I don’t remember which I picked, but I apologize to the other two drinks.  I love you all equally, I promise.)

Next, Bright Cellars selects your cheese matches.  (Is this where I admit that I cheated and kept taking the quiz over and over again to see which cheese combination I liked best?  Shhhhhh!)  Once my selections were finalized, the order went in, and I waited for my cheese.  The cheeses arrived in a thermal bag, along with little cards describing each cheese, including pairing suggestions for wine and food.

I tried Bright Cellars new Monthly Cheese Club, and here's what I thought!

Bright Cellars Review – Monthly Cheese Club

The Cheese

My four custom-selected cheeses were–(go ahead and pretend that you hear a drumroll here):

Cheese 1: Sublime Lime Cheddar from Armada

This cheese, on its own, was not my absolute favorite.  However, (and this is a BIG however)– after tasting it, I followed the cheese card suggestion to use this lime cheddar in Mexican food.  I shredded the cheddar, put it in between two tortillas with some sliced jalapeños, and made a killer quesadilla.  It was ridiculously amazing inside the quesadilla!   In fact, I would get this cheese again just for Mexican food.

Cheese 2: Heritage Weis from Cream City Creamery

This white cheddar cheese was nice, clean, and creamy.  I liked it on its own, and it was delicious with fruit.  It was a little milder than the sharp white cheddar I usually snack on.  Again, I loved this cheese when cooking.  I melted it onto breakfast bagels, and then topped the cheesy bagels with poached eggs.


I tried Bright Cellars new Monthly Cheese Club, and here's what I thought!

Lime Cheddar Quesadilla with Jalapeños

Cheese 3: Big Ed’s Gouda Style with Serrano Peppers from Kith + Kin

This cheese was AMAZING.  It was like gouda times a million, and I really like gouda.  I also really like serrano peppers, so this cheese was a no-brainer.  It was fantastic, and I devoured it with a glass of wine.  I want more!

Cheese 4: Caerphilly from Misty Isles

I can’t decide, no matter how many times I taste this Caerphilly cheese, if I liked it or the gouda best.  They were both incredible!  This cheese reminded me of a sharp white cheddar, but the flavors were a lot more complicated and nutty.  This was another winner!

Final Impressions

I had a completely enjoyable and pleasant experience with Bright Cellars.  I loved tasting and comparing the various cheeses, and I think that if I kept trying this for several months– I’d be a well-informed, cheese-oholic in no time!

My biggest question, after all the cheese was gobbled down and I came out of my cheese-induced coma, was how do I GET MORE CHEESE?!  If you sign up for Bright Cellars, you’re supposed to rate each cheese on their website, and help them send you cheese you’ll love even more in your next shipment.  If you get a cheese you don’t like, they’ll send you an extra cheese, on them, in your next box.  If you LOVE a cheese (I’m looking at you– Gouda with Serrano Peppers!), simply contact the ‘cheese concierge’ at cheese.concierge@brightcellars.com and order more.  Want to try it out?  Click here, take the quiz, and get 50% off your first order!   Try out Bright Cellars, and learn more about the cheese from America’s dairy capital!

Got cheese on the brain now?  Try these cheeeeeesey-licious recipes:

A Note on Billing: This is a subscription service.  That means they keep your credit card information on file, and your cheese will keep coming (and you’ll keep paying for it), unless you tell them otherwise.  I can’t comment on the cancellation process, because Bright Cellars sent me the cheese without having me complete the sign-up process.

A Note on Cost: As of right now, Bright Cellars charges $55 plus shipping per month.  As with most subscription services, you’re probably paying slightly more than you would pay if you bought each cheese in person. However, I’ve never seen these cheeses in a store locally, so I can’t directly compare prices.  Keep in mind, you’re also paying for convenience (you don’t have to leave the house), and for their ‘cheese matching’ services.

20 thoughts on “Bright Cellars Review – Monthly Cheese Club

  1. Jacqueline Meldrum says:

    Cheese is my downfall, what can I say. We are lucky here in the UK to have a huge range of fabulous and very different cheeses and most towns have a cheesery. If we weren’t so well endowed (cheese-wsie), I would definitely love a service like this.

  2. Beth says:

    I am definitely a cheese- aholic! This sounds like a lot fun! I know what you mean about standing in front of the cheese cooler and being at loss! Great post!

  3. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says:

    I know what you mean sometimes being hard to choose between food items. Like, how do I even pick my favourite cheese? One minute it’s blue, then it’s smoked cheddar, then brie (oh, how I love brie), goat cheese, Havarti….you get the point 🙂 That gouda style one with serrano peppers sounds amazing! I remember having a cheese one time with hot peppers and it was so hot and so good. Can’t remember the name of it, though. This subscription service sounds like something made for me. Love how you take a quiz and they match. And if you don’t like one, they’ll send an extra next time. Now, that’s service. Heading off to check them out now. Thanks for an awesome review, Sarah! Have an awesome weekend…..we’re almost there!

    • champagne-tastes says:

      I really can’t choose a favorite cheese either! I love all the ones you said, and the stinkier the cheese the better!!! Let me know if you try this out- yay cheese!

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