A Week with Sun Basket

Sun Basket Review- A Week with Sun Basket

Interested in a meal subscription plan and want to try Sun Basket?  Looking for a Sun Basket Review?  I tried it for a week, and here’s what I thought.  Please note: Sun Basket sent me one week’s worth of meals for free in exchange for my honest review.  

A Week with Sun Basket

A Week with Sun Basket

Does planning dinner exhaust you?  Do you come home from work, march straight to the fridge, and then stare blankly at everything inside?  Do you want to try new recipes, but you’re a little intimidated by unfamiliar ingredients?  Are you trying to learn how to cook, and want a little help?  If so, there are plenty of meal subscription companies just waiting to send food your way.  Choosing the right one for you, however, can be a little overwhelming, particularly since you don’t get to taste test the food first!  Which should you choose?  Here at Champagne Tastes, I’ve been trying out several different meal services to help you navigate your food delivery choices.  I’ll be your taste tester, and let you know what I thought.  Today, we’ll look at Sun Basket— a meal subscription company that offers organic produce, and a large meal selection for those with vegetarian, pescetarian, paleo, or gluten-free diets.

A Week with Sun Basket

Huevos Rancheros

What they promise / Current Pricing*:

Sun Basket promises organic, non-GMO produce from selected farmers on the Pacific Coast.  They also promise sustainable seafood, and healthful, nourishing recipes.

Every meal plan is the same cost, no matter your dietary selections, and prices are clearly posted and easy to find.  Sun Basket sends three meals per week, and costs $11.49 per meal per person, plus a $5.99 weekly delivery charge after week one.  This makes their two-person plan $68.94 the first week, and $74.93 for any following weeks.  Also note, Sun Basket is still growing, so there are a few states they don’t deliver to right now.

Ordering / Meal Selection:

A Week with Blue Apron

The ordering and meal selection process is where Sun Basket shines above the rest.  I was truly impressed with how many options they have, especially since they were the fourth company I looked at.  When you begin ordering, you do make a general selection (chef’s choice, paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian and rise & shine), but on the next screen you have the option of switching things up and choosing from any of their meals.

Unlike other companies I saw, Sun Basket let me choose multiple seafood meals in one order, without raising the cost.  Again, compared to other companies, I was impressed with the vegetarian selection.  They had multiple vegetarian choices– so even if I didn’t care for one option, I wasn’t stuck with it– I still had plenty to choose from.  The week I ordered, there were eleven total meal options, and FIVE were vegetarian, two were seafood, two white meat, and two red meat.  The options included both breakfast and dinner– which I loved!  (I’m not sure why no one else seems to be offering this– Breakfast is the bomb / the bee’s knees / the reason I get out of bed earlier than I absolutely have to!)

Note: When I saw how many great meal options Sun Basket offered, I contacted them and let them know I was exploring several meal subscription services for my blog.  They generously sent me a free box, so I never completed the ordering process and can’t comment on that.  I was very impressed, however, that I had so many choices before submitting an order (some companies make you submit an order and then adjust your menu).

A Week with Sun Basket

Shrimp Tacos Diablo with Pickled Cabbage & Lime

The Food with sun basket:

As with Blue Apron, I was worried about my seafood being delivered in a box and left to sit in the afternoon heat.  Once again, everything was fine, and the food was ice cold.  The seafood was at the bottom of the box with several extra large ice packs, and the rest of the food was divided up into three paper bags– one bag for each meal.

Meal One: Shrimp Tacos with Pickled Cabbage & Lime.  This meal was tasty, and it was FAST.  The flavors were great, and whoever decided to put salted pumpkin seeds on shrimp tacos is brilliant.  Sadly, the corn tortillas for my meal all arrived broken.  I had my own tortillas and used those.  The sauce and pickling brine were both pre-made, which made everything come together quickly!

Meal Two: Huevos Rancheros.  Technically, this was supposed to be a breakfast, but we ate it for lunch.  Once again, the flavors were spot on, and the meal came together in about ten minutes.  My corn tortillas for this meal were also broken, and I used my own.  I really enjoyed this breakfast, and hadn’t made huevos rancheros before.  The sauce was pre-made, which helped make everything come together in about ten minutes.

A Week with Sun Basket

Overnight Chia Pudding

Meal Two & Half: Overnight Chia Pudding.  (This meal was supposed to be combined with the Huevos Rancheros into one large breakfast, but since we normally eat smaller breakfasts during the week, this became its own meal.)  This pudding was great– and since I already make chia pudding, I liked that this version was a little different from my normal chia pudding recipe.  Sun Basket’s chia pudding recipe has you blend the seeds with almond milk and fruit, and ended up tasting a lot like a delicious smoothie bowl.

Meal Three: Salmon with Roasted New Potatoes and Green Beans.  This was, by far, my favorite meal from Sun Basket.  It was DELICIOUS.  The mint, lemon zest, and yogurt on the seared salmon was amazing, and the niçoise-style salad was easy to throw together and extremely flavorful.  The only pre-made ingredient in this meal was a sherry vinaigrette, and I felt like this recipe was definitely something I could make on my own later.

A Week with Sun Basket

Salmon with Roasted New Potatoes and Green Beans


Overall, I was impressed with Sun Basket!  The food was delicious, and each meal came together quickly.  Sun Basket had more meal selections than any other company I looked into, and I loved that I was able to choose multiple seafood meals within a week without increasing the price.  I also loved that I was able to stretch three meals into two dinners, one breakfast, and one lunch.  If you’re looking for partially prepared, quick, easy, and delicious meals– Sun Basket is a great option!

Who Might Love Sun Basket

  • Vegetarians
  • Pescetarians
  • Anyone who can only eat certain types of meat (i.e.- no pork, no beef)
  • Anyone on a gluten-free or paleo diet
  • Anyone looking for organic options
  • People who eat out on a regular basis (this might actually end up saving you money!)
  • Anyone who only wants to invest 15-20 minutes per meal– these meals were fast and partially prepped

Who Should Keep Looking

  • Vegans
  • Anyone looking for cooking lessons– these meals are already partially prepped, with pre-made sauces, and stick to very basic techniques
  • Anyone looking for recipes that can be remade later and included in your normal cooking routine.  The pre-made parts of these meals make repeating some of these meals much more difficult.
  • Anyone who wants complete control over the ingredients and flavors in their meals.  The pre-made sauces cut down on cook time and cleanup, but do limit one’s ability to ‘season to taste,’ and adjust flavors as you go.

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Does this Sun Basket Review all sound fantastic, and you want to know more?  Then stay in touch!  Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be trying out Green Chef and Hello Fresh!

*A Note on Cost: The cost for meal subscription companies varies quite a bit from company to company.  However, with each company, expect that the food will cost more than at a grocery store.  You’re paying for convenience– they’ve taken care of several meals for the week, and you don’t have to worry about what to cook on those nights.  You probably will still need to go to grocery store for the rest of the week’s meals, but the Sun Basket meals are taken care of.  You’re also paying for produce that may be hard to find locally, as well as an introduction to new foods and cooking styles.  Whether or not the cost is worth it, is of course, up to you.  Additionally, the prices I’ve listed here are what each meal subscription service currently charges and may change over time– check each company’s website for up-to-date price information.

Also Note: As the name implies, all of these companies provide meal ‘subscriptions.’  That means they keep your credit card information on file, and your food will keep coming (and you’ll keep paying for it), unless you tell them otherwise.  A lot of complaints I’ve seen about meal subscription companies are about canceling the food on time– each company provides a ‘skip or cancel by date,’ usually about a week before each delivery.  I didn’t find it difficult to cancel or skip weeks, but keep the ‘subscription’ part in mind when you’re ordering.

16 thoughts on “Sun Basket Review- A Week with Sun Basket

  1. Diana says:

    I actually like these food subscription boxes, I’ve tried a few and the food always came fresh and delicious! It’s also great for people who would like to try next recipes.

  2. Julie | Bunsen Burner Bakery says:

    This is a great series. I haven’t done any subscription baskets because I feel like it’s pretty expensive for what you get (and seeing as how I’m a food blogger, I kind of feel like I’m cheating if someone else haflway preps my food for me). I’m intrigued that these are so fast, though – I’ve heard a lot of the Blue Apron dinners still take 45+ minutes. If I’m paying for the convenience, I want dinner in the table in under 20 minutes!

    • champagne-tastes says:

      I’m kind of a penny pincher and tend to agree.. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these though! I thought this one would be great for anyone who’s super busy

  3. Dawn - Girl Heart Food says:

    Who would have thought pumpkin seeds on shrimp tacos?? Sounds great! Bet it adds a lovely texture. Sounds like they have a good variety, but I would definitely like more control over the seasoning so all the pre-made sauces probably wouldn’t work for me. Everything looks great though :)!!

    • champagne-tastes says:

      It was delicious! I think I agree (for myself) about controlling the seasonings.. but I can see why someone in a hurry would really love this!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    This is such a great series! Over the past few years, I’ve gone from enjoying cooking dinner to actually dreading it, and I have been really curious about all the meal subscription companies that are popping up. I’m still not sure it’s for me (I have a picky toddler and husband) but I’m definitely more inclined to give it a test run now.

    • champagne-tastes says:

      I totally understand! I love cooking- but sometimes I just am too tired to think about what to make! I really loved trying them out!

    • champagne-tastes says:

      Haha yeah- Green Chef and Purple Carrot are the only vegan ones I know of! I’ll have a Green Chef review in a few weeks 🙂

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